Partnering with BikeBaju

Partnering with BikeBaju, creators of spectacular cycling apparel with a local twist, YAS will be supporting 11 cyclists (Team BB) who are set to race at multiple riding events throughout 2023!

Team BB are protected against any accidents, damages, or loss of personal belongings using YAS ACTYVE via the YAS app. Adorned with dazzling designs, the racers are also covered by YAS BYKE, so they can slay their competition with confidence and style.

YAS empowers

YAS empowers active individuals with simple, affordable, and efficient insurance solutions that integrate seamlessly into their everyday lives.

With its cutting-edge blockchain technology and customer-centric approach, YAS is poised to revolutionize the insurance industry in Malaysia as we know it.

Introducing YAS BYKE

3 affordable plans

YAS BYKE is an innovative bicycle insurance specially designed for the modern cycling enthusiast.

With 3 affordable coverage plans, YAS BYKE lets you ride, explore, and challenge yourself on the road without worrying about the cost of accidents and mishaps.

Your bike will be shielded against damages and theft up to RM60,000, depending on your bike’s value and age.


YAS BYKECompetitors
Self-Sign Up (No Agent Required)
Flexible Plans to Match Budget & Lifestyle
Built-in Calculator to Explore Coverage Amount
Hassle-Free Claims

How to file a Claim with YAS BYKE?


Use the YAS mobile app to submit claims


Upload supporting documents instantly with the app


If you’re stuck, simply ask for assistance via the in-app chat box

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