STJ EAGLES or St John’s Eagles Rugby Club is the first rugby club in Tuaran, officially registered with the Sabah Sport Commissioner’s Office on 7th of September 2023, under registration No. C-SBH- 13251 and is affiliated with Sabah Rugby Union (SRU).

Based in Tuaran, this club is aiming to provide a place for the local rugby communities to play rugby, partnering with schools to promote rugby from the grassroots level to amature performance rugby.

Club Achievements

  1. Fit Touch Sabah Festival – Participation (Women)
  2. Penampang Rugby Festival Ginibun Cup – Bowl Runner Up (Women)
  3. Sandakan Harapan Cup – 3rd Cup (Women)
  4. Takistar 7s (Tansau x Eagles U18 Girls) – Plate Champions
  5. Keningau 7s Datuk Robert Tawik Cup – Cup Runner Up (Women)
  6. Saga X 10th Sabah Games – Cup Runner Up Women’s Category (Tuaran District)

Club Logo

The Eagle represents SM ST John’s logo as the club is officially registered in the school address, it also represents the white bellied sea eagle that can be found naturally in the skies of Tuaran. Everytime you look up, the eagle is always watching over you . 

White represents fresh beginnings , purity , cleanliness , goodness, loyalty and unifying;

Red symbolizes the club’s passion for rugby;

Blue symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration and wisdom;

Yellow represents optimism, energy, joy and friendship.

Meet the Eagle’s Guiding Forces

A Look Inside the Leadership Team


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