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YAS embedded luxury insurance package offers comprehensive coverage for a new generation shoppers and their lifestyle.

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Digital Product Passport

A digital product passport is a digital record that contains information about a product’s post sales lifecycle, including information like product identifiers, material composition, performance, environmental, social data and insurance policies.

DPPs is a way of sharing product information across the entire value chain, and that the data can be accessed via QR code or NFC chip once the DPP has been created when product enters the DFS.

YAS TimeCare

Asia’s First On Chain Luxury Insurance

In a world where luxury meets innovation, YAS stands at the forefront, introducing the next era of luxury item security and authenticity verification.

Our Core Technology


By integrating B2B solutions, capitalizing on telematics for personalized consumer products, and employing blockchain for secure and efficient DeFi insurance services, YAS aims to meet the diverse and evolving needs of a new generation business owners and consumers’ new lifestyle insurance demands.


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