Welcome to exploring our beautiful country, Malaysia! Here are some cool domestic travel ideas that you might enjoy. Please check this page regularly as we update the content on a monthly basis.



Cultural and Culinary Haven: This island is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and renowned street food. George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a testament to the island’s historical significance. Penang bridges the past and present with its well-preserved architecture and vibrant art scene. For more insights, head to Home is Where Your Bag Is.


The Wild Adventure: Borneo, known for its vast rainforests and diverse wildlife, offers an unrivaled experience for nature enthusiasts. The opportunity to see orangutans in their natural habitat is a unique and unforgettable experience. Adventure seekers can indulge in jungle trekking and river safaris. Learn more at Home is Where Your Bag Is.

Short Getaways

Quick Escapes: For those looking for brief vacations, Malaysia offers a plethora of options. From highland retreats to coastal escapes, there’s a short getaway for every taste. Our Offbeat Life provides a comprehensive list of options for these quick breaks.

Nature and Adventure

Beyond the Beaten Path: For those seeking adventure and nature, Malaysia doesn’t disappoint. From exploring ancient rainforests to discovering hidden gems, the country’s natural landscape is both diverse and breathtaking. Road Affair and Travel Triangle offer great insights into these exhilarating destinations.

Unique Experiences

Glamping and Water Adventures: For a unique twist, try glamping at Gopeng Glamping Park, where luxury meets nature, or indulge in exciting water sports with Waterfly Borneo. These experiences offer a blend of adventure and comfort, perfect for those looking for something different. Visit Gopeng Glamping Park and Waterfly Borneo for more.

How to become a YAS Partner?

Gopeng Glamping Park and Waterfly Borneo are YAS Partners. This means that all their visitors are covered with YAS in the event of a Medical issue and Loss/ Damage of their personal Items. Learn more about becoming a YAS Partner.


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